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Goa’s Arambol beach is creating a buzz with visitors from around the world. In and around Arambol village you can find a popular hippie flea market, yoga classes and tasty vegan restaurants. And every day there’s an Arambol beach party, as a drum circle gathers to play music, dance and celebrate Goa’s spectacular sunsets. Due to the composition of both national and international musicians, Arambol is home to a rich live music scene, dominated by Gypsie-Fusion bands.

This beach is without a doubt the most relaxing and rejuvenating beach. With people more involved in playing beach sports such as football, volleyball or Frisbee, the entire place creates a very peaceful atmosphere. It is the best place to spend your time carelessly.

So Foreign, Yet So Indian

The beach lover's paradise, Goa is home to some 'foreigner-only' beaches and shacks'.

A hub for the study of yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies, lively Arambol centers on its namesake beach, popular with backpackers and bohemian travelers. Colorful beach shacks serve seafood, Goan cuisine, and western fare, and many double as bars with live music in the evening. Inland, the lanes are lined with low-key accommodations, alongside casual shops selling clothing and souvenirs.

Arambol - The Most Sought After Bikini Beach in Goa.

Situated in the North Goa, Arambol is one of the most sought-after beaches by the foreigners, especially the Russians. In fact, this beach come into the limelight due to the frequent flocking Russian tourists, who started shifting here from the other beaches of North Goa like Calangute due to the saturation. Once known for the fishing business, this village slowly transformed into the major tourist destination.

The reason behind this beach turning into the Bikini beach is due to its isolation from the mainstream. The foreigners prefer the quiet and isolated place away from the rush so that they can have a peaceful experience. You can spot hundreds of foreigners here donned in Bikinis and taking a sunbath on the beach.

Once you reach here, you can either take a stroll on this virgin beach or take a dip in the water and dry yourself on the sand. You can also spoil yourself with the various types of therapies that are offered here, such as meditation, yoga, martial art, and Reiki.

his place is also famous for the exotic food and relaxed nightlife with the Jam session and live music. if you get tired of this place then you also have the choice to take a walk to another destination called Keri beach and Terekhol Fort which is in close vicinity. Finally, the Arambol beach is one of the best Bikini beaches in the North Goa for Foreigners and Indian Girls.