Ojasvi Paradise

It’s been over a year since we all last took real vacations. Now we have prepared and are ready to get our lives where we left off. It was worth the wait.

Located in ARAMBOL GOA, Ojasvi paradise is one of the most majestic places in Arambol, goa well-known by the beauty of its beaches and the diversity in its ecosystem. The combination of luxury and culture makes this best option for vacations. Our state of the art culinary team is ready to delight your senses complementing our breathtaking views. Escape to the tropical paradise of ojasvi and enjoy ultimate goa experience.




Rooms To All Moods, Taste & Budget

Join us on a journey that starts with a connection between the you and nature elements that are the foundation of life. As you enjoy a well-being itinerary, you will discover the beauty of every aspect that connects your senses with the essence of Ojasvi paradise.

Experience the elements - a luxury Room Experience Check in to one of the best beach front suites and more.

View Tha Keeps You Mesmerised

Immerse yourself in a magnificent natural setting surrounded by crystal clear waterways and discover the unparalleled

Make some memories with your special someone and enjoy a much-deserved romantic getaway at the Ojasvi Paradise

All our rooms have views of magnificent nature outside.

View From Balcony

View from Room

The Balcony

The Golden Shower Of Nature

The beach lover's paradise, Goa is home to some 'foreigner-only' beaches and shacks'.

A hub for the study of yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies, lively Arambol centers on its namesake beach, popular with backpackers and bohemian travelers. Colorful beach shacks serve seafood, Goan cuisine, and western fare, and many double as bars with live music in the evening. Inland, the lanes are lined with low-key accommodations, alongside casual shops selling clothing and souvenirs.